Ability Trees


All Abilities have a corresponding Skill (or Skills) that limits the maximum rank along a given path on the tree (but not the overall ranks). A character’s Concept and subsequent Aspects restrict which non-weapon Abilities they can master.

Weapon Abilities

To advance in a weapon tree, the character must have access to the appropriate type of weapon even if they do not equip it. To use any ability from a weapon tree one must be using the appropriate weapon.

Weapon and Shield tree
Full Tree

Weapon and Shield fighters balance offence and defense, working to create Advantages that empower their offense while make the most of their defense. Warriors are only limited by their Melee skill, while others are limited by the lower of Melee and Defense.

Two-Handed tree
Full Tree

Two-Handed Weapons do lots of damage, if you can hit with them. Specialists learn to create the openings necessary to hit with a fully committed blow and how to put everything they have into those big hits; and at the same time how to command the battlefield with their intimidating weapons. The Two-Handed tree is limited by Melee.

Dual Weapon tree
Full Tree

Wielding Dual Weapons simultaneously takes great skill. Abilities in this tree transform the practice from foolhardy to fearsome, minimizing the inherent penalties, creating some advantages, and maximizing the strengths of the style. The Two-Handed tree is limited by Melee, and is only usable with melee weapons.

Archery tree
Full Tree

Skilled Archers can rain death from beyond the reach of enemy reprisal. Archers mastering this ability tree learn to overcome the disadvantage of fighting in close, how to keep their enemies at distance, and how to drive home death with their arrows and bolts. The Archery tree is limited by Shoot.

Warrior Abilities tree
Full Tree

Only Warriors can take the following Abilities.

Power path

This path enhances a warriors Physique beyond the levels achievable by non-warriors.

Precise Striking path

Warriors on this path have learned to master their adrenaline in battle and harness it for a detached focus.

Second Wind path

It’s hard to put a warrior down for good once he has mastered his second wind.

Rogue Abilities tree
Full Tree

Only Rogues can take the following Abilities.

Dirty Fighting path

They wouldn’t be called rogues if they did know every dirty trick to surviving a fight, and making sure their opponents don’t.

Below the Belt path

There are rules to proper fighting, and ignoring them can give you a decided advantage.

Deft Hands path

There are burglars and there are Burglars, and taking time to master one’s tools is the difference.

Stealth path

Everyone needs to sneak about from time to time, but proper rogues learn to disappear right under their enemies’ noses and get what they need done without being seen again.

Heartseeker path

The best defense is a good, fast, deadly offense, especially if you aren’t wearing armor or a shield. This path teaches the fragility of one’s opponents.

Mage Abilities tree
Full Tree and Spells

Only Mages can take the following Abilities, or spend ability points on Spells.

Arcane path

All Mages must master the basic fundamentals of drawing an controlling energy from the Fade.

Fade Shield path

Drawing on the Fade and being drawn into the Fade, this is the path to becoming a Dreamer.

Repulsion Field path

Ripping the raw fabric of the Fade into the real world, creating spectacular but largely uncontrolled effects.

Templar Abilities path
Full Path

Templar learn to counteract magic and assert the immutability of physical reality. This path is limited by Will.

Ability Trees

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