Playable Races

Races Currently Playable

Given the starting Refresh and location; the following Races are playable. More may become available for later characters. A character (pc or npc) Inherits the Aspects of their race (and background) without having to list them explicitly on their sheet, by including them in their Origin.


Most humans are Adaptable, and gain 1 free skill point of their choice (up to the skill limit). Humans are also the dominant, Privileged Race of Thedas; with the government and religion of the majority of the world favoring (and made up almost entirely) of them, they also outnumber dwarves 100 to 1 and elves by a wider margin. Humans can choose the Human Noble, Human Templar, Human Soldier, Human Criminal, or Circle Mage (Human) origins; or uniquely take no origin and come from the general population.

Adaptable, + 1 Skill Point: -2 Refresh
Privileged Race: -1 Refresh
Total Refresh: -3


Enduring long ages of mistreatment has made elves Strong-Willed, and they gain a free point in the Will skill (up to the skill limit). They are also famous for their accute Elven Eyes, gaining a Flat +1 to visual Notice. As a race, elves have always been Close to the Fade, but now only elven mages express the trait, also gaining +2 when attempting to Draw Power. Slavery is illegal in Fereldan, but the position of elves isn’t far removed from it; as Low Freemen they are on the bottom rung of the social ladder, forced to live in alienages or nomadically live off the land because they cannot work in many fields (legally) and cannot own land. The teachings of the dominant Chantry also place elves as further removed from the maker (whether or not they follow traditional elven religion), and human society never forgets elves are Chantric Subhumans.

Strong-Willed, +1 to Will: -2 Refresh
Elven Eyes, Flat +1 to visual Notice: -1 Refresh
(If Mage: Close to the Fade, +2 to Draw Power: -2)
Low Freeman: +1 Refresh
Chantric Subhuman: +1 Refresh
Total Refresh: -1 (-3 if Mage)


Dwarves are noticeably Short & Stocky compared to the other races. They draw a great deal of strength from their pride, but being Proud also blinds them to the workings of the world (especially the lesser species like humans and elves). All Dwarves have a Stone Sense not known to other race; because they are From the Stone, gaining 1 free rank in Athletics, Craft, Physique, and Will (up to the skill limit) from their very solid progenitor. They are also Undreaming, resistant to magic but also incapable of learning to wield it (they also literally do not dream).

Short & Stocky: +1 Refresh
Proud: +/- 0 Refresh
Stone Sense: -1 Refresh
From the Stone, +1 Athletics, Craft, Physique, and Will: -5 Refresh
Total Refresh: -5

Playable Races

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